Outdoor School Beautification!


Yep, we needed to get to work.

La Crescent Montessori & STEM School’s Playground Committee has been waiting all winter for warmer weather to move ahead with plans not just in the natural playscape, but also beautifying our front entrance.

Volunteers made up of teachers, staff, parents, and a few students worked hard to accomplish some important tasks.  Clint and Jim pulled up an area of pavers on our playground which sloped towards the entrance door, and reset the pavers to prevent water pooling by the door.

Tammy W. and Tricia removed the breaking wooden planter boxes, leaving a few that were strong.  Those were filled by Tammy S. and Miss J with various succulent plants.

An old wooden raised bed box was deconstructed and some of the wood re-purposed to create tabletops attached to stumps in the playground area.


Professional equipment makes the job go much faster!

A brand new 10 foot by 4 foot raised bed was custructed out front by Judd and DJ, giving much needed garden space in that sunny area!  Children’s House and Adolescent Program students have many plants started and growing indoors that will be transplanted when the weather is a bit warmer. Thank you to Judd and Coulee Region Ecoscapes for donating the wood and use of your equipment today!

One of our families donated flowers, which were planted out front along with some lemon thyme and existing perennial plants.  We can’t wait to see what a week or two of sun and TLC will produce for a colorful entrance to our school.

Thank you also to our AP students for making iced tea for our volunteers and Miss J for bringing in donuts.  We also appreciated our littlest volunteers who were patient and used the time to play, and later have some instruction on work materials in Children’s House.  It is always heart-warming to see how our students of different ages can interact, and the older students understand their responsibility to keep the little ones safe and through years at LMA know how to teach younger students lessons they have mastered.

Thank you again to all who volunteered, and enjoy the photos below from our day!


Judd and Wylie in our new raised bed!  The wood used is black locust, locally sourced from an Amish mill.






Miss J placing the wooden planters with succulents.







Succulents in wooden planters.












Pavers have been removed and additional fill is being leveled.






Notice the stump table, four of these were built today.






Pavers almost completely reset.






Wylie teaching Julia a math work.






Our completed and filled raised bed garden!






Entrance beautification completed.

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