Environmental Stewards


Seedlings starting to sprout in the AP classroom!

Environmentalism is embedded in the Montessori philosophy.  At LMA, our school is all about the environment, and the AP students are true Stewards of the Environment.  This year the AP students started a worm composter.  The composter is designed to decompose cafeteria waste, paper towel waste, and paper waste to be turned into healthy compost to use as a natural garden fertilizer.

This Spring Semester the AP students have started a straw bale garden.  In the AP classroom, students have selected herbs, flowers, vegetables, and fruits to germinate in the classroom.  Along with donated potting soil and compost made from the worm composter, students are nurturing seedlings in recycled milk cartons in the germinating system set-up in our science area.  One week into our germination stage, and the students already have 10 sprouts that have sprung up!

Later in the week, AP students will condition straw bales donated by Coulee Region Ecoscapes, LLC (thank you!). Plants will be flourishing in the natural playscape area by the beginning of May.  Hopefully the garden will start to be harvested before the end of the school year and then we will be asking for families to sign-up for a week at a time to check in on the garden, water, and  harvest anything that is ready!  Please contact Tricia Runningen, Parents for Student Success Coordinator, to sign up!

At the end of the summer, when the plants are done bearing fruit and the bales are breaking down, we will toss the whole garden into a composter outside and have compost cooking for next year’s garden!

– Miss Kelsey

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