E1 Classroom Visits the Minnesota Marine Art Museum!

Miss SMMAM Collage 2016am’s Elementary I classroom, comprised of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade students, took a trip to the Minnesota Marine Art Museum in Winona on February 25th. Docent-led tours were given in small groups, allowing students to share their perspectives and observations about works they were shown. Students were also given time to sketch a favorite painting, allowing them to notice the various features an artist chose to include in one piece of art.

While the students engaged in discussions around art (both from local and world-renown artists), they learned about how artists use perspective, color, and shading. The trip concluded with a fun art project using shaving cream and rich watercolor to create a swirling background of sky and added a black silhouetted object of their choosing for the foreground.

Thank you to the staff of the Minnesota Marine Art Museum for sharing their expertise and passion for art with our students!


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