Please contact us with any questions you have!  Under each persons name, is their contact information.  If you can’t find the expertise area that you are looking for, just call the office, and a member of the administrative team will help you find the information you are looking for.  Thank you for viewing our website, and we look forward to meeting you soon!



Children’s House Teacher: Melissa Johnson  (Miss J)   507-895-4054



Elementary I Teacher: Samantha Thelemann (Miss Sam)    507-895-4054



Elementary II Teacher: Ashleigh Bartz (Mrs. B)    507-895-4054



AP Guide-Mathematics: Zachary Kilpatrick  (Mr. Z)     507-895-4054



AP Guide- Science: Taylor Gruszka  (Miss G)    507-895-4054



AP Guide – Language & Social Science Grades 7 & 8: Tami Holtslander  (Mrs. H)   507-895-4054



AP Guide – Language & Social Science Grades 9-12: Kate Garfin  (Miss Kate)   507-895-4054



Special Education Teacher K-6: Monica Botwinski-Murray  (Mrs. M)  507-895-4054



Special Education Teacher 7-12: Ed Hoskin  (Mr. H)   507-895-4054



Director of Operations: Tammy Stremcha  (Miss Tammy)   507-895-4054



Head of School: Stephanie Wehman  (Mrs. Wehman)    507-895-4054