Elementary II (EII)

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Hi, My name is Ashleigh Bartz. You can call me, Mrs. B.

I love teaching at La Crescent Montessori and STEM school.  I have been teaching Upper Elementary (E2) since 2013. I was trained in the Montessori method from the Center for Guided Montessori Studies based in Sarasota, Florida. I graduated from St. Catherine’s University with my Masters in Montessori Education in December, 2017. For communication with parents I use: Google Classroom, Remind App, and Montessori Compass.

Be the Change You Wish to See:

One of my favorite aspects of teaching is inspiring others. My class and I love experiencing the magnificent impact of WeDay in Minneapolis. We even started a #changetheworld club that meets once a week to plan local and global events to help everyone in need.  We have done so many cool projects such as We Scare Hunger, We are Silent, and a water themed Fun Run.

Getting Outside:

 I also love camping with my students. Every spring we attend Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center. Students spend three days outdoors learning about topics such as fungi, snakes, and invasive plants.

General Overview

The E2 class extends and broadens the foundations set by the E1 class. Children’s thinking becomes more abstract. E2 students use hands on materials but start learning abstract concepts. Maria Montessori observe the children between the ages of nine and 12 are at the height of their intellectual powers. E2 students are capable of more abstract thinking and creates  bigger projects and delve into deeper learning. For example, students spend the fall researching early humans, ancient Egypt, or ancient Rome and create a beautiful report. In the spring students research the dark ages, ancient Greece, or Renaissance.  In the morning, students participate in a three hour work period where they have a flexible schedule and learn in small groups with their teacher. Afternoons are spent doing Specials such as Art, Spanish, and Music. Every Friday an expert from the community is invited to the classroom to speak about their background and job. We have invited people in the community such as chief police officers, engineers, massage therapists, archaeologists, and many other interesting professionals.

Subjects taught: Literature circles, Reading, Spanish, Language Arts, Individualized Spelling, Math, Geometry, Music, Physical education, Visual Arts, Science, Geography, Culture, Keyboarding


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