Elementary I (EI)

Hello, my name is Miss Sam. I have been teaching EI (1st -3rd grade) at LMSS since 2013. I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education K-6 with a Social Studies emphasis at Winona State University in 2011. I then went back to school and got my Elementary Education K-6 Montessori Certification through Center for Guided Montessori Studies in 2016. Following my Montessori Certification, I attended St. Catherine University and received my Master’s Degree in Education with a Montessori emphasis in 2017. I plan to continue teaching using Maria Montessori’s philosophy and growing my knowledge to become the best guide for the children that I can be.



Elementary I (EI)

EI is a multiage classroom consisting of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders. In EI, the students experience a wide range of lessons, from how to become independent learners to adding, multiplying, subtracting, and dividing–in the millions! Having the students in the same classroom for three consecutive years helps form a bond that is difficult to find in other schools; each student is looked at as an individual in the classroom. Throughout the day, students receive small group lessons in our classroom curriculum (see below). Simultaneously, other students self identify and choose other materials to explore and master. This not only solidifies the classroom bond, but it also grows our students’ autonomy and promotes their investment in education.

True to Montessori, our EI classroom sets the stage and builds the foundation for our continued EII and AP classrooms. We invite you to come by and visit EI and experience Montessori first-hand.

Courses taught in the EI classroom include:

  • math
  • reading
  • language
  • handwriting
  • culture, which consists of a variety of sciences, history, the cosmic curriculum, and social studies.



Here is the Supply List for the E1 classroom for the 2018-19 school year!