Children’s House (CH)

About Children’s House

Children’s House is the Montessori name for a specially designed pre-kindergarten and kindergarten individualized program with mixed age groups – ages 3 – 6. The curriculum includes work in practical life, sensorial, math, language, geography, science, movement, music and art. Our primary goal is to “nurture the whole child” in an environment in which students learn at their own pace. We guide children’s development of self-esteem, independence, coordination, concentration and respect for themselves, others and the environment. Practicing socialization skills, developing good interpersonal problem solving skills, and learning attitudes of grace and courtesy are also important goals.

A Children’s House Teacher co-teaches with a teaching partner and establishes a collaborative team teaching environment. Teachers establish positive relationships with parents providing regular communication regarding classroom, curriculum and individual student needs and progress. Teachers complete on-going professional development and participate in required school meetings and events.


Children’s House School Supply List 2017-18