Why choose La Crescent Montessori & STEM School?


“After struggling through a year of traditional public education with our son, I was so relieved to find there was another education option in our community that was free of cost and provided a different kind of learning environment for our children. At LMSS, my children are given the opportunity to learn in smaller groups of children with more individual attention from their teachers as needed. Whether they are excelling in a subject or in need of extra help, their teachers are able to respond accordingly and better assure us that they are not slipping through cracks in either direction. I have been blown away by the open and consistent communication I am able to have with the teachers and staff, and I feel so much peace knowing I will hear from them any time they have new insights or concerns about one of my children. We have also felt the positive impact of the Montessori methods in our home. As our two LMSS students are learning and growing in their social awareness and personal responsibility at school, we are noticing major growth at home in their respect for us, one another, and their environment. We have been very satisfied with our decision to enroll our children at LMSS and look forward to all the ways this school will continue to shape them in the years to come.”

-Tyanne Perry


“At LMSS your child is not just a number in an over-sized classroom, your child’s teacher knows your child and your child’s needs whole heartedly.  The classrooms are made so a child does not get left behind or fall through the cracks; the teacher is able to provide children the one-on-one time they deserve.  Children at LMSS care for and help each other giving them a strong sense of family within the school.  LMSS’s approach educates my daughter in all aspects of life such as learning, social, environmental and what is needed to make the school, home, and community a better place.  She looks forward to school every day and is excited to learn.  LMSS is your Home School away from Home.”

-Heather Murphy


“Our three kids each started at Montessori when they were four.  We love the hands-on materials, especially for math and reading.  The teachers are fantastic.  The whole staff creates this warm, caring, family-like environment.”

– Anonymous


La Crescent Montessori“The teachers and staff are always willing to work with the parent and student to help the student achieve the best outcome, even if it means creating special curriculum.  They have done this numerous times to help my son and daughter achieve their best.”

– Molly Troth


“The Montessori school is a kid-friendly school allowing each child to develop at their own pace and also teaches them life skills and global interests – allows them to follow their dreams into the future.”

-Tammy Wild


“LMSS has been a great school for both of my children.  One needs extra help with certain subjects and gets the one-on-one when necessary, which he didn’t get enough of at any other school.  The other child does really well and can go further than he would have been able to if he had stayed where he was.  It’s very hands-on and goes at the level of the child individually, where ever they are at.  I would recommend LMSS to everyone!”

– Cassie Reed


“Our family has been with LMSS for seven years now, and we have never regretted that decision.  All of our children are different learners and LMSS meets the unique needs of each of them.  We have always felt welcome in the LMSS family.  I love that all the students participate in activities like school plays and even how at recess the AP & HS students will play kickball with the CH, E1, and E2 students.  One memory I have is when my students was having a hard time ‘missing home’ in Children’s House, it led to the implementing of the family picture to look at whenever that student misses home.  We love the teaching of practical life skills and citizenship skills.”

-Crowley family


8112f2903db395076a479878a87025e3--montessori-quotes-montessori-education“This is a school that emphasizes the learning experience of and for the child.  Here the student is an individual with individual learning needs and goals, and an individualistic personality.  Everybody learns at a different pace, and this is a school that understands and works with that.  Every student should be so lucky to have such a creative and positive atmosphere to learn in and from.”

-Alyssa Menz


“LMSS is a wonderful school, not only for academics, but for life.  My daughter is in 2nd grade now, and the couple of years before she started at LMSS were rough ones.  After one year at LMSS, her self confidence has soared.  She is articulate and eager for all the hands-on learning that a Montessori education offers, including a wealth of learning about global society in which we live and the many cultures with whom we share the planet (which the kids also learn about and practice taking care of).”

– Kate Fruehling


“The reasons we chose La Crescent Montessori & STEM School are many.  We wanted our children to be in a school with a small, family-like environment where they could be very comfortable and known as an individual.  We found the Montessori method aligned with our values of allowing choice, responsibility, and individuality in education.  The curriculum has a focus on environmental stewardship and peace as well as respect for others.  The multi-age classrooms and contact with students throughout the entire school foster caring for each other and important social skills on how to interact with people of ages other than one’s own grade.”

-Tricia Runningen


“My grandson, who has ADHD, thrives in the Montessori environment, with no medication.  He would not do well in a [traditional] public school setting.”

– Anonymous


“LMSS displays a profound understanding of Montessori philosophy, emphasizing on the importance of children engaging in number of activities triggered to interact with their environment.  The teachers are always patient and willing to interact with parents to explore improvement opportunities for the kids.”

– Ajay Jayakumar

La Crescent Montessori